About Jewels By Nicole

Jewels by Nicole was Established by Prakash Sheth in 1980.

Jewels by Nicole carries all kind of Loose Diamonds, and Designer Jewelry including ring, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and so on. Jewels by Nicole not only sells merchandise, but educate customers with right knowledge of diamond's color, clarity and value. Jewels By Nicole has largest selection of ring-settings in Downtown Los Angeles, and carries more than five thousand pieces which are ready to go. Jewels By Nicole carry all kind of Diamonds including GIA certificated, EGL certificated, Non-certified as well. Jewels By Nicole had in-house repair shop, which take cares of setting, sizing and repair while customer waits.

Jewels By Nicole offers anytime Upgrade policy on Diamonds and Jewelry which gives customer even more confidence to make the right choice.

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